Rugby Clubs

There are so many things to love about rugby. The excitement of players running along natural turf, tackling one another and the excitement of the crowd are some of the reasons people can't get enough of it. On that note, let's talk about what rugby is and other interesting information you'll want to know about.

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What Is Rugby 

It is a team sport that consists of teams of 15 players. The way it's played is the players have to score points by getting the ball to the end zone. They can do this by carrying the ball into the end zone or they can kick or pass it. The team with the most points wins the games. The first half of the game is 40 minutes and the second half is also 40 minutes. In between the two rounds, there is a five minute half-time.

There are specific rules in place. If rules are violated during a game, the player and/or team may be penalized. 

What Is A Pitch

The pitch is actually the field or surface the game is played on. The pitch is set up before the players even step onto the field. In an official game of rugby, the pitch must have specific dimensions. Generally speaking, pitches are available in various sizes and dimensions, but if you were to play an official game, then you would need the right sized pitch.

What Are Rugby Clubs

They are teams. There are professional and amateur, as well as community rugby clubs, just as there are football clubs. In the professional leagues, professional rugby clubs play against one another. Community clubs also play against one another, either for fun or to win a prize, such as a championship.

Who Can Start One

Generally speaking, anyone can start a community rugby club. However, you do need to abide by the rules of the game and you have to have startup capital, as there are various things needed in order to set a club up. If you have the money and are determined, then you should have no problems starting your club.

What Is Needed To Set A Club Up

For starters, you need an area where your team can practice at. You also need an actual team, so reach out to people you think can play rugby or can learn quickly how to play. You'll have to organise transportation for your team to get to and from games against other teams.

Let's not forget to mention you need a kit. Figure out what kit your team needs to play and how often they should train. If you need help figuring out what else is needed to start your very own club or if there is help available to you, then you can contact the nearest rugby constituent body or a rugby development officer in your area. 

Starting a rugby club is pretty easy to do, but you have to be determined and passionate in order to make it successful. Don't forget to purchase the necessary equipment and uniforms you need in order to start your own club.